Our Companies

MOPI - Morro do Pilar Mine

MOPI owns iron ore mining rights in the State of Minas Gerais, one of Brazil´s largest mining region.

MOPI´s project currently holds a Preliminary License and its main features are:

  • Over 1.6 billion tonnes of Certified Resources

  • 1.3 billion tonnes of Measured & Indicated resources

  • High grade pellet feed of 68.5% Fe content and low contaminants – 1.6% Alumina + Silica

  • Over 100,000 meters drilled since 2011

Asgaard Shipping

Asgaard Shipping is an offshore shipping company focused on Supply Vessels.


Asgaard owns and operates one OSRV-750 and was considered by Petrobras´s audit process (PEOTRAM) the best offshore supply company.

CDNC - Linhares Industrial District

CDNC owns 3,000 acres of land, with approximately 7 miles of seafront, in the municipality of Linhares, Espírito Santo, southeastern Brazil.


The land is close to paved roads, power transmission lines and Petrobras's Cacimbas Gas Treatment Plant.