Combined Execution and Financial Approach
MOPI - Morro do Pilar Mine

We understand the Natural Resources investments as real options and we will manage Morro do Pilar Mine - MOPI to maximize long term shareholder value.

We believe MOPI´s main strengths are:

  • Preliminary Licensing already issued

  • High quality pellet feed iron ore acting as a price and commercial hedge

  • Expected third decile China CFR 62% production cash cost

  • Current port capacity and logistics surplus for iron ore in Brazil, potentially lowering the required Capex by MOPI

  • Lower required investments at current BRL/USD rates


Marsil is a small company mining strategies located in the area known as Iron Quadrilateral near the municipality of Itabira, in the state of Minas Gerais, General.


In 2017, Marsil produced 220 thousand tons of iron ore with an average of 64.5% and has a greater installed capacity than that used for current production.

Asgaard Shipping

Asgaard´s strategy is to become a Top Tier offshore shipping company in Brazil through the combination of:

Operational Efficiency: Asgaard´s management is one of the most seasoned management teams in Brazil in operating mid to large size offshore companies. Asgaard also currently holds a Top 3 operational efficiency score, awarded by Petrobras.

​Scale: We understand shipping is a scale business and we are developing our strategy to fully take advantage of scale while maintaining a cost saving approach.

Risk Management: We seek to manage the risks involved with a combination of conservative financial strategy, active counter cycle investments and risk optimization through diversification.

CNA - Amazon Shipping Company

CNA is one of the largest liquid cargo inland shipping companies in the North region of Brazil and will be MLog´s platform in the inland and short sea shipping business.

​High Quality Servicer: We understand that our service is key to most of our client´s production process. CNA is already considered by its clients one of the best service providers in the region.

​Long Term Relationship: Most of our business is generated by our long term client base and our growth should also be based on long term projects and relationship with our existing and future clients.

​Sustainability: CNA only transport liquid cargo in double-hulled barges. As part of our sustainability approach, we are constantly looking for ways to increase fuel and fleet efficiency.

CDNC - North Port

We will develop Companhia de Desenvolvimento do Norte Capixaba - CDNC according to the required maturity of its plan.

CDNC´s main opportunities are:

  • Land already serviced with main infrastructure requirements as paved roads and electric grid

  • Linhares as part of Sudene’s incentivized region

  • State of Espirito Santo´s tax incentives to long term investments

  • Combination of State of Espirito Santo´s natural economic potentialities and planned development opportunities

  • MoU with the Government of the State of Espírito Santo and the municipality of Linhares to establish the CDNC

  • Closeness to Petrobras’ Cacimbas natural gas treatment station and natural gas pipeline